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Some of my scientific articles, translated by me into English


Theory and laws of civil wars

Classification and periodization of conflicts continuing in 2019 in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine from the point of view of the theory of civil wars

The scheme of reverse calculation of losses and duration of the war

Six levels of armed violence in modern military conflicts

The law about the firepower of the army

Eight principles and two strategies for winning the modern war of attrition


The doctrine of change and democracy

Dictatorship - between monarchy and democracy

Ethnic chamber of the trichamber parliament

Russian history

The theory of the orgin of the Roses and Ruses, combining the norman, slavic and iranian theories


Hyperactivity in children and adolescents - prevention and treatment without use of drugs and psychotherapy


Scheme and principles of school education, which by the years of 18 shall form a spiritually free, creatively developed, healthy and patriotically made specialist

Exam tests and the ability to think independetly

Political Science

Cycles of nationalism and patriotism-separatism

Comparison of state ideologies of modern Russia, Ukraine, USA and EU

Principles of the ethno-civilization approach for creationg an international organization

Psychology and relationships between people

Differences of modern marriage from traditional and principles for improving the quality of heterosexual marriage in a modern society

Freely rendered mutal assistance is a basis of a real friendship

The limit of human mental stability

The law on the breakup of long-term human relationships

The triplicity of beauty contests held since the middle of the XX century and at the beginning of the XXI century


Basis and recommendations for radical raising of the total fertility rate

Russia and Russians

Ethnic structures of the Russian and Western worlds

Political forecast for Russia from 2020 to 2030

Not the desintegration of USSR, but the departure of the regional territories from Russia

By 2040 in Russia, the communist legasy of the Sovien Union will be gradually failed to complete oblivion

Technics and techology

At the true Cold Pole in Antarctica, the minimum air temperature at the Earth's surface can be from -100C to -130C

The history of the tank - from appearance in the past to disappearance in the future

The fourth information revolution

Principles and types of cars for building a semi-unmanned transportation network

The meaning of the use of artifical intelligence and the responsibility of the user


The law of the consequences of catastrophe

Three supercivilizations

Five laws about ideas

The law of defeat in a conflict in which both sides will continue to exist after the end of the struggle

Collective ordeal


System of public balance equations

Economic sanctions as an analogue of war

Three globalizations in the XIX-XXI centuries


Hipothesis about the origin and biological essence of passionary impulse

Ethnic pressure

Some of my aphorisms, translated by me into English

My aphorisms

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